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Charles Fazzino

The World Goes Round and Round - PR

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3-D Pop Art by Charles Fazzino

Hand Signed by Fazzino

Charles Fazzino takes a new approach to painting the world

Black & White  with silver and gold highlights throughout,

“The World Goes ‘Round and ‘Round” is a stunning Fazzino Image.

Image Size: 14″ Diameter 

Framed Size 22″ x 22" professionally framed, acid free materials and anti-reflective glass.

Edition Size:  100 Deluxe (White) Sold Out / 100 Premiere (Black) Sold Out

Fazzino Art by Amazing Animation currently has TP # 4/15 on black available for sale framed as shown.

TP or Trial Proofs are defined as an additional archived edition that can be made either as a DX on White or a PR on Black as the publishers discretion.

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 To Order Please Call

(800) 536-7796 In the US

(772) 219-1172  Outside the US

(772) 631-4267 Mobile


Here’s a quick 1 min great Fazzino video:

Behind the Scenes at Fazzino’s Studio

Here’s a longer video about Charles and his artwork

An Artist at the Forefront of 3D Pop Art – Charles Fazzino