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Our Oceans ... The Tides of Life

Charles Fazzino Beautiful Brand New 3-D Limited Edition Release.

4 variations available.

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New Releases

Check out all the latest new Original and Limited Edition releases from Charles Fazzino

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Hand Painted 3D Metal Helmets

Brand New Line of Original Hand Painted 3D Metal Sculptures. Super Cool Fazzino Artwork!


Paradise Found ... Palm Beach County

Introducing "Paradise Found ... Palm Beach County" by Charles Fazzino!

Experience the Beauty of Palm Beach County in Exquisite Artwork

Palm Beach County stands as one of the most breathtaking and exclusive counties in the entire United States. From the captivating Jupiter/Tequesta in the North to the vibrant Delray/Boca in the South, this county offers a lifestyle that is unparalleled for residents and a playground that is perfect for visitors.

Now, prepare to be enchanted by "Paradise Found ... Palm Beach County," an extraordinary interpretation of this wonderland by the master of 3-D Pop Art, Charles Fazzino. This collection embodies the beauty, charm, and vibrant spirit that make Palm Beach County truly remarkable.

Choose Your Perfect Edition:

  • Full Color Deluxe Edition: Immerse yourself in the original and comprehensive edition, showcasing Fazzino's meticulous attention to detail and vibrant colors. Experience Palm Beach County like never before.
  • Special Blue Edition: Discover a unique variation of the artwork, capturing the essence of Palm Beach County with a stunning blue color scheme. This edition adds an element of elegance to any space.
  • Super Sexy Black Edition: Elevate your surroundings with a sleek and sophisticated edition that exudes style and sophistication. Make a statement with this exclusive artwork.

There's an edition to fit every decor, taste, and budget. Whether you're a resident looking to enhance your home or a business aiming to create a distinctive atmosphere, "Paradise Found ... Palm Beach County" is the perfect addition.

Don't Miss Your Chance to View the Collection!

Visit the Fazzino Art booth at the Palm Beach Art, Antique, and Design Showroom, located at 500 N. Dixie Hwy, Lake Worth Beach, FL 33460. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Fazzino's artwork and witness the magic of Palm Beach County come to life.

Unlock the beauty and allure of Palm Beach County through Charles Fazzino's remarkable artwork. Secure your own piece that embodies the essence of this magnificent county. Visit the Fazzino Art booth today!

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A Star of Unity

Charles Fazzino's beautiful Judea themed artwork is now sold out from the studio. Order yours here before our inventory sells out.

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New York City Artwork

Fazzino has created many limited of his beloved hometown of New York City. Year after year, his NYC artwork continues to remain his most popular limited editions with collectors from all over the world.



Originals on Canvas

Charles Fazzino Original 3-D Artwork are very special one of a kind mixed media hand painted works on canvas.

Check out these magnificent Originals by the Master of 3-D Art.


Professional Art

Fazzino has created many limited editions over the years featuring artwork perfect for professionals. Dentist, Doctors, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents, Money Managers, Fireman and Policeman have all been the subject of Fazzino's humor and talent.


Fazzino 3-D Sports Artwork

Charles Fazzino has been the official artist of the NFL Super Bowl and MLB All Star Game for decades.

He has created many one of a kind 3-D hand painted sports equipment including,

Baseballs, Bats and Helmets, NFL Helmets, NHL Pucks and Helmets

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Fazzino 3-D Sculptures

Fazzino's Newest Limited Edition Sculpture "Pop Goes the Big Apple", plus his first ever Bronze Sculpture and his first two Skate deck editions.


Fazzino 3-D Hand Painted Metal Vehicle Sculptures

Fazzino's newest original artwork creation.

One of a kind 3-D hand painted Metal Car Sculptures

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Charles Fazzino Artwork and Sculptures

Immerse yourself in the vibrant, detailed universe of
Charles Fazzino, one of the most celebrated pop artists of our time. His
unique, three-dimensional style has not only captivated art lovers globally but
has also become a significant part of contemporary pop culture. At Amazing
Animation, an authorized dealer of Museum Editions Ltd., we proudly present the
entire line of Fazzino's mesmerizing 3-D art, offering you a chance to add
amazing pieces to your collection. 

The Legacy of Charles Fazzino

Charles Fazzino's artistic journey spans more than thirty
years, during which he has transformed the landscape of pop art. His works,
known for their intricate details and vivid colors, are exhibited in over
twenty countries and hundreds of fine art galleries. Fazzino's art goes beyond
mere aesthetics; it serves as a vibrant chronicle of modern life, earning him
the title of a pop culture historian.

Fazzino's artistry has been the centerpiece of numerous
prestigious events and festivals worldwide. His ability to capture the essence
of contemporary culture has placed him in the same league as pop art pioneers
like Andy Warhol and Keith Haring. Fazzino's legacy is more than just his art;
it's about the connection and joy it brings to the lives of his collectors.

The Journey of Amazing Animation

Founded in 2002 by Perry Shiller, Amazing Animation started
its journey as an exclusive dealer of dental-themed artwork. However, the
company's trajectory took a significant turn with its first collaboration with
Charles Fazzino in 2003, producing the much-acclaimed dental themed animation
piece "I Tawt I Taw a Cavity". This partnership blossomed, leading to
several more exclusive editions, which were instrumental in introducing
thousands of new collectors to the world of Fazzino's art.

Today, Amazing Animation stands as a distinguished buyer and
seller of Fazzino's Limited Edition and Original Artwork. Our deep
understanding of Fazzino's art and close collaboration with Museum Editions
Ltd. ensures that each customer's experience is as extraordinary as the art

For more information, or to start building your collection
of Charles Fazzino's 3-D art, contact us today at (800)