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Charles Fazzino

Hot Town Summer in the City

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Hot Town Summer in the City (2013)

Limited Edition 3-D Pop Art by Charles Fazzino

Hand Signed by Fazzino

20" x 36" Image size

30" x 46" Approximate Framed Size

Deluxe Only Edition of 250

 Charles Fazzino with the legendary graffiti artists Tats Cru. Together, they created this rendering of 1970’s New York City in Fazzino’s signature 3D pop-art style, complete with subway cars “tagged” by the famed graffiti group.

Fazzino painted this New York Cityscape with The Mural Kings in mind. “I wanted to create a period piece that not only shows what New York City was like around the time of the great graffiti artists, but give the TATS Cru a canvas worthy of their talent,” said Fazzino. “I am honored to be working with them and thrilled with the way our styles fit  together so naturally.”

The piece is a journey through classic 1970’s NYC and includes some of the most famous nostalgic landmarks including the Pan Am Building, Howard Johnson’s, Crazy Eddie’s, The Roseland Ballroom, as well as this being the first time that Charles Fazzino has rendered the World Trade Center in a limited edition artwork since 9-11.

“I wanted to remind people what it was like then….take them back in time….bring them fond and fun memories. The addition of the TATS Cru art just makes it a more genuine remembrance. Graffiti art was such an important part of popular culture back then and these guys were, and still are, the best.”


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