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Fazzino Art by Amazing Animation

Paradise Found... Palm Beach County - PRDX Edition - 72” Framed

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Paradise Found ... Palm Beach County (2022) 

3-D Limited Edition Pop Art by Charles Fazzino

Hand Signed by Fazzino

Premiere Deluxe Edition of 15

Image size is 28” x 72"

White frame, white mat   38” x 83”

Original Certificate of Authenticity

This is truly an amazing work of 3D art by artist Charles Fazzino.    

Measuring  7 feet tall, the beauty of Palm Beach County is on full display to engage the viewer to take a deep visual dive into what makes Palm Beach County …. Paradise! 

Entirely constructed and embellished by hand, this is a must see for anyone looking to fill a spot on a 10’ or larger wall. 

Do you have a hotel, condo or building lobby in Palm Beach County? Amaze all your guests, customers, visitors and tourists with this very special limited edition artwork that celebrates the beautiful paradise that is Palm Beach County, 

The very first Premiere Deluxe Edition  of “Paradise Found …, Palm Beach County” recently sold at the Palm Beach Show. 


 Internationally renowned 3D pop-artist Charles Fazzino’s artistic look into the distinctive lifestyle that is Palm Beach County.

Each Fazzino 3D limited edition is constructed and embellished entirely by hand to create a highly engaging and unique viewer experience.

All editions are hand cut and hand glued to create three layers of dimensionality and are hand embellished featuring genuine Swarovski Crystals.