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Charles Fazzino

Misty Memories

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Skateboard Decks: Misty Memories of Manhattan 

3D Giclee on Genuine Skateboard Deck,

Hand Signed by Charles Fazzino

32.5" x 8.5"
Edition Size 75

Special Hanging Hardware is Included

Skateboarding in 3D

Each deck is made of 100% Canadian Maple Wood and created in the artist’s signature 3D style. Every piece is cut, glued, and assembled by hand, just like the rest of the Fazzino collection, and it comes with its own hanging hardware.

“I’m having a lot of fun with the skateboard decks,” said Charles Fazzino. “I wasn’t even aware of this growing artistic trend until I saw Heather doing it…and I just loved the idea. The colorful and detailed images lend themselves perfectly to this new medium and we can still make them by hand and give them the artistic flair that I’m known for. I just think they are cool!”